Recoating Roofs

Recoating Roofs

The Decragard Roofs Coating System can bring new life to most deteriorating roofs…

TCM’s Roofs Decragard coating system can extend the life of your existing roof and refresh the look of your home or garage for about a 1/3rd of the cost of re-roofing; through roof cleaning, repair and repainting.

This system is designed for concrete tiles, metal tiles, corrugated roofing, colour-coated steel, or Decramastic tiles. The Decragard coating system is ideal for roofs that are looking tired or deteriorating, but not beyond repair.

We are specialists in recoating your roof, and if your roof has been maintained this can be the best way to keep it in top condition. You can choose to retain the same colour or change to a totally different colour to match the rest of your house. A wide selection of colours is available.

The Recoating Process

Fix any dents or replace any damaged tiles as necessary

Spray moss and lichen. Moss/Algae/Lichen growth is detrimental to your roof. It indicates moisture is present and it can stop proper roof drainage, which may cause your roof to leak.

Growths can also cause chip loss.

Steam-clean roof to remove any loose chips and grime. A roof cleaning treatment is applied over the entire roof to clean the tiles and kill growths. This is followed by a thorough roof clean using a power washer to ensure the roof is free of loose debris. This ensures that your new roof coating has as permanent grip on your roof.

Fix any damaged or cracked tiles, fix broken mortar, remove dents in metal roof tiles and apply a rust treatment if required.

Spray on bituminious primer basecoat and rechip

Spray on Decragard roof coating topcoat in colour of your choice

Provide Roofing’s 10 year pro rata warranty